Orthodox Christianity

Our Orthodox Christian Faith


Best discernment and fending off of heresies and deviations, is to resort to our Orthodox Christian Faith.

Christian: As taught by our Lord Jesus Christ (1 Timothy 6:3).

Apostolic: Handed down to us, generation to generation, from the Apostles.

The Faith we are defending as our Fathers did; handing it down to our children. The Church will continue, strong and undefeated, until we meet our Lord on His glorious second coming.

Orthodox Teaching

The characteristics of Orthodox Christian teaching. How to discern if a book, sermon, or lecture includes doctrine foreign to the Orthodox Faith.

Economy of Salvation

God's plan for the salvation of His creation. The Orthodox belief in the Lord's redemption and salvation. Saving from sin and its consequences.

The Sacraments

The 7 Sacraments are the works of the Holy Spirit in the Church. Integral to Orthodox Faith and Church practices. Essential to our salvation.

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