The ‘Inner Man’

The book describes the 'Inner man':

  • "it is not a spirit"
  • "is exactly like the outer man; having parallel members: eyes, ears, hands, legs, and so on."
  • "It begins in the form of a seed, in our spirit."
  • If stunted in growth, "it can be seen as a face without eyes, a face and neck without hands, a face and neck without an abdomen, or missing any of the parts or members."
  • If it had "fully grown" can be seen "with the same contour" of the person, "shining and the glory of Christ filling this inner man."
  • "the 'inner man' is 'Christ in me'"

Is there any reference in the Bible or the 'early fathers' to deformed 'inner man' or 'Christ in me'?

What are the references for the 'anatomical' parallelism with physical body? And the proper process of growth?

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