Cult Indoctrination

Recruitment & Indoctrination

Youth recruitment to the cult is a long, elaborate, and secretive process. The goal is to produce a blindly obedient disciple, assigned to a "spiritual guide" in the hierarchy, eager for "consecration".

The process would typically take several years. Starts with the personal selection of the prospect, then the series of 1:1 and closed-group meetings, with a daily, weekly, and seasonal rhythm. The mix of tailored handling of the recruit, and pre-structured rituals, result in removal or suppression of the recruit's personality distinctions, to produce a "standard", uniform cult member. Replacing individual thinking with group loyalty and fate-sharing, descending down through the hierarchy.

The hierarchy is structured as Dr. Meshreky the very top, then a 1st line "spiritual guides", 2nd line, and so on. With single-level guidance authority and reporting within each "unit" in the pyramid, analogous to a military organization.

The principles of recruitment match those of the Islamic extremist group "Excommunication & Exodus = التكفير والهجرة" except justification for violence. That group did ravage upper Egypt during Atef's college years. Summarized in that: All around you is corrupt and infidels, by culpability, association, or complacency. The world is controlled by evil. You're different, called to a divine mission. We have to coalesce, separate away, isolate from the world.

Cult recruiters coordinate between individual 1:1 sessions, and group retreats. There's a few talented recruiters in the cult. The master and most effective by far in the western hemisphere is the ex-pastor Bishoy Andrawes (aka. George ANDREWS).

Warning: Un-Christian Preaching!

Video clips below contain poisonous dogma. Marketing for a divine calling & anointing; discriminatory & hateful principles; demonizing parents & generational curse; preaching the powers of demons; defiling marriage; are evil doctrines. Viewer discretion advised.

1. You're Chosen!

The Holy Spirit is Anointing You, Tonight!

You Are Different!

You have Principles!

2. All Against You!

Demons of Your Parents!

God, Family, All, Are Killing Your “Self”!

3. Follow Me!

Leave Everything, Detach!

God or Parents?! Parents’ Love is Sickness!

God or Spouse?! Marriage is Defiled!

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