This site is to expose and discuss OCA Fr. Macarius [Dr. Atef Aziz Meshreky] doctrine and teaching, which contradict with the Bible and the Apostolic faith. Content is based on his books and media. Facts, no assumptions.
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We study the heresies and fallacies filling the teachings of Dr. Atef Aziz Meshreky [now Fr. Macarius in OCA]. We expose the contradictions with the Bible, the Church, and Orthodoxy.


The doctrine of Dr. Meshreky (Fr. Macarius):

    1. We are living the final stage of the End Times.
    2. And God has a different economy of salvation for the final stage of the End Times.
    3. The Church has lost its authority and message since the 5th century.
    4. To restore, there is new anointing of: apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers.
    5. Dr. Meshreky is the anointed, commissioned by God, entrusted with this generation, the generation of the End Times.

We analyze and discuss his books and doctrine. Then more topics in the discussions sections.

Subjects, Issues, Discussions

"New ministries, new visions and new anointing"?

A claim that since the Church "has lost her authority and message", new "Kingdom units", "new visions", and "new anointing" of "apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers" takes place!

Controversial Issues

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